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Funfetti #1


I make my Sheep Gardens to be comfort food for your fingers - they are meant to be touched! Display it on the wall in a place you pass by often or keep on your desk in the office. When you are having a stressful day with a looming deadline, close your eyes and run your fingers through the garden. Feel yourself curled up under your favorite blanket far from deadlines and computer screens. Feel your blood pressure lower and peace return to your environment. Now you have a 30 second escape whenever  you need one!

I believe that everyone should have access to one-of-a-kind yet affordable art. This is one such iteration of that belief. XOXO

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Funfetti #1_Front.jpg
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Keep in mind that everyone’s computer display is different so the colors that you are seeing might be a bit different than the actual piece. Anything neon appears a bit brighter than reality.